“Ha Even Ola Dey Ponkereyon”–  , Trending Video Of Ola Of Showing How Strong He His On Beeeed

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Ola of lagos, a well-known Instagram influencers, recently posted a nice video of himself in his car with a well-endowed girl, which has caused some people to take offense. 

Ola of Lagos, whose true name is Waris Olayinka Akinwande, is well-known for producing content that reviews expensive and opulent automobiles. The moment he and the woman openly displayed their bedroom prowess was captured in the viral video.

Ola was seen leaning on the woman who was lying on the passenger’s seat of the car, and the two appeared to be having an intimate moment. The woman claims Ola has been with her for three hours.

Social media is ablaze with discussion over this episode, eliciting a range of responses from his fans and the wider public. 

The video went viral after Ola of Lagos shared his story of starting off as a Toyota Camry owner and working his way up to owning exotic vehicles like Range Rover, Mercedes Benz GLE, and Dodge.

Watch video below

Some reactions are shown below:

marsoflagos said, “What the fuck is this advertisement 😭”.

humbetee said, “Ola which style be this one again 😂”.

chimdindu34 said, “Just for advert 😂😂😂”.

official_kay_money1 said, “Waiting be this 😂”.

Qsmart said, “I go patronize you once Nepa give us light 😢”

Tsmartgram said, “Brother ola get dick o 😂”

Dexfund said, “Still never cum with that trousers @_ola_of_lagos_ no try wyn us”

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