I will keep loving myself, until the right man comes toward my way”- Ini Edo says as she celebrates her 42nd birthday with stunning photos

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood star Ini Edo marked her 42nd birthday, sharing celebratory snapshots on Instagram that radiated elegance.

In a well detailed caption, Ini Edo wrote;

“Happy birthday to me! I am grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had to grow and develop this year.

I am grateful for every door that was closed, because it was not the right path for me. I am grateful for everyone who used my kindness and vulnerability as a sign of weakness….

I am here for all the life lessons… I will keep loving wholeheartedly, being true to myself and upholding the law of compassion towards as man as come my way.

I will stay evolving and will live to my full potential. The best of me is here and it will only get better.

Thank you to everyone of you, who see through the physical, through the lows and the highs, yet you are still gracious enough to rock with me.

God will keep us all in good health and prosperity. Cheers to life “9 And to the best version of me the busyness this coming year, and quiet my mind. I am going to reflect on who I am, and who I want to become. I will discover me”

Ini Edo’s birthday post was beautiful and reflective. It also bordered on gratitude and her growth as a person.

She seemed pessimistic about the future, and what it has to offer to her, and becoming the best version of herself.

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