A Few Things You Need To Know About Beautiful Actress Bukunmi Oluwashina

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Bukunmi Oluwasina has recently used her Instagram platform to reintroduce herself to her lovely fans and colleagues, sharing insights into her personality, preferences, and boundaries.


I’d go first.

My name is Bukunmi Oluwasina O.

  1. I am A Film Maker.
    (To the core)
  2. Script Writer:
    (For those who can afford six figures )
  3. Musician/ Song Writer:
    (When I am fully in the mood. And of cause still make movies’ soundtracks occasionally for those that can afford.
    20ties, for the passion, 30ies, na money dey ginger me.)
  4. An Actor:
    ( You CAN’T just say “A Nigerian actor”. 👎🏼 For me, That’s quite confining.)
  5. A Director.
    (When I have a story and I’m obsessed with all it pictures, stuck in my head. Sometimes, I don’t sleep well at night if I don’t see those picture come to life.)
  6. A Brand Influencer:
    (When I like your Brand, Product is good, and you have the kind of money that can make someone consistently be talking in front of camera and doing orishirishi.)
  7. A Model.
    ( I can’t wait for you to see me on my first Runway 😁🫣)
  8. A Therapist.
    (I loooooove this job. Not even about the money alone.
    Giving me an opportunity to share your pain with you and help you walk through it all, brings joy to my soul.)
  9. A Rapid Assessment Worker:
    ( I enjoy helping people start their lives afresh. And opening them up to the endless new possibilities the future holds)
  10. Sales Girl😆
    ( I also freelance as a sales girl ONLY for my daughter’s brand @avialuxuries 🧎🏼‍♀️. This is the only job I don’t get paid for doing. But instead, na my Oga dey collect money from me.)
  11. A Certified Poet and A Writer. 📚
    ( Sometimes, I can’t believe the things I write when reading them. I fell like a spirit connects my soul to my pen, showing me things that the only way I can read, is to write them out.)
  12. P.S: If you ever told me “Let’s talk when you are free.” And i said “Okay.” Know pe, o gbe ara e ni handicap ni o. 🤣 When I am free is when I’m sleeping. Boya ka pade l’oju ala.🤷🏻‍♀️

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