“Because I Steaal 98 Phone In The Cinema, Una Come The Beaat Me Like Thiief”- Erekere Cried Out As He was Caught Steaaling In The Cinema (Video)

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“Erekere cried out as he was caught stealing in the cinema, ‘Because I stole 98 phones in the cinema, you come and beat me like a thief’,” according to reports.

In the skit posted by Erekere he was caught red handed and was beaten after he stole many phone and even their shoes.

He further begged his fans to please come out to watch the movie Ajakaju Movie so Eniola can give him the income she make.

He wrote: “🤣🤣🤣 caught red handed 🥲

AJAKAJU (BEAST OF TWO WORLDS) still showing in all cinema 

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Omoalhaja67 wrote: Na to Dey fear this erekere for real life oo 😂😂

Tolibain wrote: Olè olé, gbogbo revenue keh 😂

Officialrotheco wrote: Is that how to beat thief …Eniola is too nice

Largemanoflagos wrote: Ko mor mo……..mistake ni…….erekere Omo lile

Ojotem wrote: I like the guy it make the acting real with the slap, see as my sis deh do hand

Babatunde wrote: Mio ni gba 😂😂😂😂💔😂😂

Alway_connect wrote: She say Wa lo gba Sorun 😂😂😂

Uglygod1 wrote: Emapa mi now 😂😂😂😂 God crown your efforts 🙏😭😂

H_e_a_b_h_ol wrote: And this @raji__owonikoko hand hard ooo I’m very sure them go discuss that moro after the skit 😂😂😂😂

P_t_a_ay wrote: @eniola_ajao ma  check your phone if it’s still there

Adebukola_fabric wrote: Oluwa mo be o iya to je bata erekere yii maje ko to siwa AMIN

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