Portable takes new Mercedes Benz to his hood, Rains money on his fans

Written by fazazy39

Famous street rapper, Portable Omolalomi, made it rain money on his people as he arrived in his neighborhood in Sango Otta with his new Mercedes Benz convertible.

It would be recalled that the singer received the car as a token of appreciation from a realtor some days ago.

In a trending video, Portable is seen cruising his new car in his hood while being flooded by a wave of people picking money sprayed from the car.

The video has since generated a buzz on social media from many who considered Portable as a generous individual who held to his roots.

Reactions as Portable makes money rain in his hood while driving a new Mercedes Benz

tufab said: “One thing I like about Portable, if Elon Musk even dash am Jet now or spaceship he must carry am go this Adugbo. Make dust first touch am well well b4 he start to use am properly 😂.”

bmtogb4ig said: “He’s inspiring to his community, and one thing to take away from the portable story is never forget where you start from 🙏🏾🙏🏾.”

realvickijazz penned: “Knew his Niche, and Held it Down since day 1. ❤️ only one Portable🔥🔥🤣.”

kaysea_efissy opined: “Una way give portable this car I’m sure you guys didn’t teach him how to cover the roof of the car tho hmm 😂.”

Watch the video below …

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