“Chai, We No Dey Carry Last All Way Na Way”– Viral Video Of A Woman Hawking Low Budget Milky Dooughnuts Trend Online

Written by fazazy39

In a video shared online by a woman, there was a massive reaction as she was seen hawking low-budget milky doughnuts on the street, with people rushing to buy from her.

In the video, the woman put the the cream chocolate inside the double which is a bit smaller than the usual doughnuts and more cheaper than the trending one.

She made the doughnuts for those who were incapable of buying the cost one and she was well patronised.

Read social media reaction below;

Nohpheesat wrote: May God bless her hustle, she just notice it is what is trending and decide to sell it too

Just_joy665 wrote: If no be fake life
Wetin concern Akwa ibom girls 🌚 and milky doughnut 🍩 Wetin do Afang soup 🙄

Topbakerng wrote: At least she’s feeding her family. She’s not a begger. She should be encouraged and not mocked as ‘low budget’. Some of her customers can afford more but they choose to encourage her on this economy

Thejuicecafe wrote: Omo I knew this lady while I was staying in abesan estate. It’s so good to see her . May God bless her hustle ! 🙌👏

Deep.introvert wrote: Wait did she just use her bare hand to pick it up? Wtf I liked the vibe until then

Zainab.ayoo wrote: May God bless her hustle, she’s only trying to sell what is trending

Watch The Video Below;

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