“I Am Stronger Than 18years Old Boy” – Reaction As 87-year-old former president Obasanjo jumped off the stage at a recent event (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo has started making headlines following a new video of him circulating online.

The new clip trending online captured the moment 87-year-old Obasanjo shows that he is strong and healthy as he jumped off the stage at a recent event.

Former President Olusegun who worked in the Nigeria military system for so many years before he became the president of Nigeria was seen giving a speech at an event in Lagos.

After dishing out the speech at the event, Obasanjo raises eyebrows as he jump from a stage that is quite high to the ground level.

Many people couldn’t believe the former president can jump on his own from the stage to the ground including the security details who jumped alongside him.

Upon landing on the ground level, the audience members could not help as they all showered encomium on him by clapping for him so hard.

Some even stood up clapping for the former president of Nigeria following the way he jumped from the stage to the ground level.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

aljanusi: If Tinubu try this thing, e go shatter like glass for that floor. And I’m not even talking about the agility of the President, I’m talking about the agility of the bodyguard.

taiwo_junzi:  Very great man. Arguably the Best President Nigeria has ever had!

blac_sam: The way people still respect this man! At this point he’s flexing how agile he still is on us! 😂😂.

an_na_bella11:  Tinubu can never🥺🥺 Oselobua.

c_mobike:  Omo na big flex be this …. Very big flex!!!!!! To be this agile at that age ??? MASSIVE FLEX!!!!

jujureel: If the other corn man did it, by now Adieu paps would have been circulating everywhere on social media.

kingkopay: He is trying to tell us he is better than tinubu, I get the message.

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