“I’m the one paying your school fees and everything about you” — Man tells his son after his wife claimed to be the one making the payments

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian man rants, informs his son that he is the one paying his school fees after his wife claimed to be the one providing the money.

The video was posted to TikTok by user, @funnykube.

In the video, the young boy returned from school and as he began to remove his uniform, his mother informed him that she had already paid his school fees.

On hearing this, the father immediately jumped out of the bed to correct the wife’s narrative.

He explained to his son that he was the one who gave her the money to pay the fees.

While also scolding his wife for the narrative she has been portraying, he brought out all his son’s school fees as proof that he had been the one providing financially.

The wife kept asking him to calm down but he refused, stating that the misinformation to be the reason most children do not believe their fathers were actively supporting them.

He believes that when the son gets older, he might only be appreciative of his mom and not want to support his father financially.

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