Video of Nigerian mother’s hilari0us exercise routine for a flat tummy causes buzz online

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A Nigerian mother has captured the internet’s attention with her distinctive and humorous exercise regimen geared towards attaining a flat tummy.

The viral video, shared by her daughter, captures the entertaining workout session that has left netizens laughing.

In the video clip, the mother is seen standing with her arms raised above her head, initiating a series of moves to target her abdominal muscle.

The mother went on to lowers her arms to stomach level and clenches them in an attempt to work on her midsection.

The daughter was heard laughing hysterically as she playfully questioned her mother’s workout routine.

“What sort of exercise is this?,” the daughter queried her mother.

Although the exact duration of the exercise routine is unclear, the mother appears visibly exhausted and out of breath by the end of the short session.

Aang (Avatar character) sef no do reach this one,” the daughter captioned the video.


Netizens Reactions…

@onyix_fitness said; “She’s doing vacuum breathing, The stomach vacuum exercise involves breathing out air while sucking in the stomach to engage the core. It is an isometric exercise to strengthen the core muscles.
The abdominal muscles, part of the core muscles, are strong bands on the abdominal wall. They are at the front and sides of the abdomen and attach to the ribs, spine, and pelvis.
Strengthening the core muscles improves a person’s posture and movement, reduces back pain, and can help tone and flatten the stomach.”

@winnie_ojt said; “I really want to know who gave mummy this tip😂😂😂”

@chef_happy001 said; “Flat tummy in few days😂😂😂go mama 😍”

@dan__ajebo said; “This children no get respect again! Leave that woman alone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

@africanbeautypg1 said; “She got tired on arrival 😂😂

@lekanbabatunde1 said; “They can be so dramatic😂 Flat Tummy Nibo? O ti lor 😂😂😂”

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