“Please let stop the fake life, you all ignored him when he needed you the most”- Toriola blasts colleagues following alleged cause of Sisi Quadri’s demise

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola criticizes her colleagues for disclosing sensitive information and divulging the cause of her fellow actor Sisi Quadri’s death.

Recall that on Friday, his colleague Tunde Olayusuf revealed Sisi Quadri’s untimely death on Instagram.

A report, however, followed stating that the young actor succumbed to kidney-related issues according to the blogger, Seun Oloketuyi via a post on his Instagram page.

Following the news of his passing, photos and videos of Sisi Quadri on his deathbed circulated the internet, leaving Wumi Toriola deeply upset

Taking to her Instagram page, she urged her colleagues to show respect for the deceased and refrain from sharing his family’s vulnerable moments.

She emphasized the importance of being considerate, especially during the burial, and advised against adding further distress to their grief.

In her words;

“Pls let’s respect the dead, let’s not show their vulnerable moments.
Pls, be civil if you have their moments, especially during the burial. Don’t be forming a news breaker on top of people’s pain.

“To my colleagues who like to do first-time break news, in your breaking pls respect their vulnerable moments.
I am in pain, if you come for me I will use this pain to storm you.
Rest in peace, Sisi Quadri.
We love you so much, God loves you most”.

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