“I don’t love her before, I just impreegnate her when she used to bring food for me”- Portable narrates how he met his first wife Bewaji, showers her with love (Video)

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Nigerian street musician Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, popularly known as Portable, has shared the love story of himself and his first wife, Bewaji Ewatomi.

The controversial singer guest starred on the popular The Honest Bunch podcast, where he confessed that Bewaji replaced his first wife who he claimed disappointed him.

According to him, she stood by him while he was hustling and used to send him money on occasion. He also added that she was initially a daughter to him, and was the only one who believed in him before he became famous so he married her. And according to his accounts, she did all that to secure her future with him. “That time wey dem talk say I dey mad, na only she talk say ‘no, he no mad,” he said.

The polygamist advised men not to marry two women or more if they are unable to take care of just one, but he did not disclose how many wives he currently has because, on account of his Islamic background, he is allowed to have more than one wife. Portable also beat his chest on his ability to take care of his women, thus shaping them into the ‘strong women’ people see them as.

Likening himself to a king, he defended his polygamous lifestyle, noting that one king has multiple wives. He also disclosed that there is competition between his wives and his baby mamas because Bewaji is his number one.

Despite having multiple women, the singer has never hesitated to show affection towards his first wife, just in April he showered her with gifts on her birthday. The couple’s identical Ankara ensembles dominated the show, exuding their love and support for one another. The event was made more stylish by the Ankara fabric’s vivid colors and elaborate designs.

Caps were added to further personalize the celebration. These thoughtfully produced, specially designed caps gave the event a more intimate feel by conveying Portable’s intense feelings and dedication to his relationship.

As it stands the singer currently has four baby mamas and five children, the last child was born by Ashabi Simple.

See the interview below:

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