“I Enjoy My wives To My Satisfaction, I Never Sleep Alone For A Day, But They Are All Deaad Now”- Kola Oyewo Spill

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Veteran actor Kola Oyewo has shared insights into his married life in an interview.

How long have you been married?

I got married in 1967.

How did you meet your wife?

We met at Osogbo. At the time I was with the Oyin Adejobi Theatre as an actor. We had five male children, one died and my wife later died. I had to remarry in 1980.

That means you married at a young age?

Yes, I was about 21 then.

Your parents didn’t have an objection to that?

That means you married at a young age?

Yes, I was about 21 then.

Your parents didn’t have an objection to that?

They have their own life to lead and I have mine too as well. I was through with modern school and chose a career that I wanted to be an actor and I joined the Oyin Adejobi theatre at Osogbo. The next thing was to settle down and build my own family, which I did. That’s why I have a 53-year-old son and I am a great-grandfather.

I remarried in 1980 and she died on October 10, last year.

Do you still plan on remarrying?

No, I am 75 already. I can’t. All I need now is to eat, exercise, go to church, worship my God and so on.

How was your marital journey like?

I enjoyed my marriages. With my first wife, I never slept alone. We shared the same room until her death. It was the same way with my second wife before she died.

I will say that I enjoyed my marriages except that life has been wicked to me

Was it something like love at first sight?

When you see someone that attracts you, it does not mean that you should rush to the altar the following month or day. You should give time to study each other, to know the temperament, the likes and dislikes. That way you can know whether or not the marriage is going to work. Don’t say because you have been lonely for a while you try to manage someone. Don’t manage anything, be sure and put everything in the hands of God.

What is your advice to married couples?

I advise that they should be honest to each other. They should allow God to be their guide. They should practise their religion very well and follow the tenets of their religion, whatever religion it is. That is how to enjoy ones’ marriage.

What is your advice on marriage to the unmarried?

I will say they should open their eyes very well, choose the right person and place everything in the hands of God to guide and direct them on who to marry. That is important.

What is your view on divorce?

If a marriage doesn’t work, the best thing is to separate rather than letting it lead to the death of either the wife or the husband. There are many stories nowadays of violent couples who end up killing each other. That is why anyone who wants to marry must put everything in the hands of God, open his or her eyes very well, give enough time to study each other to know whether or not they are compatible and don’t rush into marriage.

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