“I finally got married to the man of my dreams” – Lady ties knot with her man after 7 years of dating

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After seven years of dating, a lady marries the guy of her dreams, and their lovely love tale leaves many in tears. Love triumphs in the end.

The woman used social media to tell people online about their amazing adventure.

She revealed that she and the man had known each other for 9 years and they dated for 7 years before they decided to take it to another level.

The lady expressed happiness after getting married to the man of her dreams as she shared a heartwarming video from their traditional wedding ceremony.

Check how netizens reacted …

kidsn_things said: “The advantages of dating for long is more than the disadvantages especially if you both know what you are doing especially if you started out as friends you have those years to trash out your differences Yes I dated my Husband for 7yrs , we celebrated our 18yrs of marriage a few days ago and 25yrs of friendship, we are still in our Forties and God has been gracious, infact a lot of people testify they thing we just got married as e still dey hot😂, when they hear our Child is the university come see , surprise emoji.🤦‍♀️ Marry a God fearing spouse, be real to yourselves come out plain and naked trash out all differences because there will surely be, you are two different individuals from different backgrounds, love yourselves 😍 and be addicted to each other🤦‍♀️”

tukooldegreat asked: “Wetin dem dey talk where dem never talk for seven years???”

cookie__xx___ commented: “When no be medicine I Dey study 7 year”

sigibaba penned: “Lol. People acting surprised for 7 years, when I know a relationship that is 12 years and counting”

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