“Hope no be me set your husband up again”- Iyabo Ojo mock Lizzy Anjorin’s husband’s over land steæling saga

Written by fazazy39

Iyabo Ojo, known for her boldness in addressing social media controversies, lived up to her reputation in a recent Instagram post. The Yoruba/Nollywood actress shared a picture from her colleague Faith Ojo, affirming rumors about land grabbing in Lagos, allegedly spread by Lizzy Anjorin’s husband, Alhaji Lateef Lawal, were true.

Faith Ojo claimed insider knowledge, stating Lawal was reportedly involved in a land theft incident from four years ago.

Recall that Naijalegit had earlier reported that Faith Ojo had called out Lizzy Anjorin’s husband for allegedly snatching her land, and it has been making rounds on the internets since the. Iyabo Ojo may not have been privy to the inside information, but she wasted no time in spreading the news by reposting Faith Ojo’s post.

Underneath the screenshot of the post from Faith Ojo, Iyabo Ojo added a caption, calling out Lizzy Anjorin’s supporters who had dragged her in the past for framing her. She wrote, “Where are all that her useless god mothers, gullible fights, fake activists, and bloggers saying i set her up I hope you all won’t say i set her up on this, too… anuofias awon ala centric, isiku yii oni jereee”

Iyabo Ojo’s caption was in direct response to rumors that she had framed Lizzy Anjorin with the fake ninety-thousand-naira alert issue, where a shop owner accused Lizzy Anjorin for making payment with fake alert. Just like any other accusation she has faced in the past, Iyabo Ojo came out to address the matter, and she denied having anything to do with Lizzy Anjorin’s fake alert saga. However, one allegation which Iyabo Ojo cannot beat is making fun of Lizzy Anjorin when she was accused of sending a fake alert.

This recent post by Iyabo Ojo is clearly an attempt to rid herself of any allegations of her framing Lizzy Anjorin. She clearly wants the public to know that she has no involvement in her colleague’s issues. In her caption, she clearly stated that she hopes people won’t say she set her up on this land grabbing matter too.

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