Wife wants divorce over her husband’s absence in the labor room (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A newly married wife struggles with thoughts of divorce due to her husband’s absence during her childbirth in the labor room.

The wife had shared her problems with popular Twitter pharmacist, @MrMekzy_, anonymously.

According to her, they had been married for only 2 years but she was already contemplating divorcing him.

Her reason was that he didn’t show up in the labor room and even though he apologized countlessly and stated he was tense which was why he didn’t come, she finds it difficult to forgive him.

She wrote;

“Good morning Emeka. I put to bed in june last year and on the day of my delivery, my husband wasn’t with me in the labor room. He left the hospital and came back after my child was born.
Only my mother and sister were with me. He has apologized several times and told me that he was tensed that’s why he wasn’t with me but i still can’t bring myself to forgive him. I act like everything is alright but i know it’s not. My mother and his mother have also pleaded on his behalf but it still hurts. I’ve not been able to look at him the same way since that day, sex doesn’t even feel the same way anymore, i just let him do his thing and get off me. I honestly am confused at this point. I don’t want to be divorced because we’ve been married for just 2 years but my love for him isn’t the same as it was before i gave birth.”

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