“When Me And Mohbad Was Living In One Room I Didn’t Know His Family, They Are Now Coming For His Properties Now”– Voice Note Between Late Mohbad Wife, Abul Abel And Hayat (Listen)

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A voice note between Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, Abu Abel, and Hayat surfaced online, revealing their conversation about an incident.

In the voice note, Abul Abel was advising Hayat Mohbad’s friend to desist from all those things he do say online.

Wunmi revealed that how will she kill her husband when they had nothing she did not kill him and when everything was tough she did not know any of his family so because of properties they are now coming.

See social media reaction below;

Princesnanahawau wrote: Am sorry to say why didn’t wunmi want to speak out ,if na me I go do speak out oo I can’t keep silent in matter Like this.no be my name dem go spoil

Cool_dsn2023 Wrote: The lady is saying the truth. She’s innocent i dont trust naira marley and samlarry at all but this lady made them escape the law because she did not come online to play along but hiding

Ruthakinniyiomowunmi wrote: As a woman don’t always agree to everything you husband said.if not your husband is sick and he said his not going to hospital and you did not say you leave him ignorance kill most people in Nigeria

Martha_matters wrote: For those who don’t understand, one of the things she said is that she has been with Mohbad for over ten years and if she didn’t kill him when she was he was broke, why will she kill him now that he’s beginning to pickup in life financially. She said she has asked baba to come for DNA since November but he has not. She said Mohbad how will she kill Mohbad in a house where 15 other people live with them including his blood brother. She said this is the first time they finally settled down together and rented a house which didn’t happen even when she was pregnant. She also said why would she kill him(her sole provider) when she has a 5 months old baby,mo car and no job. She said he feared hospital so much that he made her give birth in a traditional home. She’s hurt that someone (i think Hayat) cursed Liam

Ibn_abdulkareem_ wrote: She obviously agree to do the dna why is baba disgracing himself up and down and this Hayat self no do well

Stilljewel wrote: This is rubbish make una use his hair for DNA 🧬 no need to wait for anyone na abi am high?

Naijahairstyle wrote: This girl said he told baba to come and do dna since November, but he did not show up. Olorun arejo da.

Listen To The Voice Note Below;

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