Meet Iyaologi, The Nigerian Entrepreneur Who Is A Billionaire From Selling Packaged Pap

Written by fazazy39

In our current society, job availability is low while there is a surplus of human resources waiting to be utilized. To sustain themselves, many individuals have turned to odd jobs, while others have opted to start their own businesses and become their own bosses.

However, embarking on this entrepreneurial path is not easy. Despite the challenges, the potential rewards for both the individual and society are significant. Establishing private businesses generates revenue for the economy and enhances the financial well-being of the entrepreneur.

Most times, people see entrepreneurship as a drawback especially if there are many entrepreneurs in a preferred field. However, a few Nigerians have taken this as a challenge and decided to make their business stand out by rebranding and packaging their products. One of such persons is Ijeoma Ndukwe, also called “Iyaologi”, who makes a living from selling package Pap.

Ijeoma who is a Bachelor’s Degree holder once founded a retail boutique some years back, which lasted for eight years before folding up in 2012 as a result of debts. In an interview with the Guardian, Ijeoma went to God in prayers, seeking an answer to her problems. This determination led her to start the Pap business which is a food processing business that utilizes Corn as raw material.

It is surprising how the local breakfast meal called “Pap or Akamu”, can have a new and appealing look, also getting sold outside the regular ” Akara” joints by the roadside. She is making waves in her business and inspiring young startups.

Because of the success, she has made as a woman, she is passionate about women’s empowerment, advocating for opportunities to be given to them, and allowing these women to take their rightful positions in their chosen fields of endeavors.

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