“He Is Not Yet Mohbad Son Yet”– Massive Reaction As Mohbad Son Liam And Bella Shmurda Son Linked Up Together.

Written by fazazy39

Bella faces severe criticism after a popular blogger, Wahala Network, shares a picture of late singer Mohbad’s son, Liam, alongside Bella’s son, sparking controversy and public disapproval.

Many insist it should not be called Mohbad son yet because they have not done any DNA on him to prove it was Mohbad son while some lament that they don’t even trust Bella Shmurda he might be having sexual intercourse with Mohbad wife.

Though many insist on saying Liam look exactly like his father Mohbad while some insist they didn’t look alike.

See social media reaction below;

I_am_ceejay7_ wrote: Are you sure no be bella Shmurda get this pikin because some close friends are wicked and worst than our enemy

Dayo_chase wrote: Nah werey go talk say this Liam no resemble mohbad , ha ha ha , even with nose 👃 nah moh sit down

Tamuna_uc wrote: Oya make una still talk say both of them resemble. So na still bella get dey pikin. I trust una wella with nonsenše taĺk

Pocopills wrote: I don finally knack for the year 😘🤸🤸💃💃I just knack my head for door just now 😭😭😭😤😤😤😤

Lamaaht wrote: As it is right now I don’t even trust Bella ! Yes I don’t trust him!

Nerot275 wrote: Dat is not mohbad son please’ unless DNA proves it to us!!

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