Some make me cry, not laugh – Regina Chukwu urges upcoming Skit makers in her DM to do better

Written by fazazy39

Regina Chukwu’s call for up-and-coming content creators to be more creative and put effort into their work emphasizes the importance of originality and quality in the industry. Her encouragement for skit makers to enhance their skills and deliver better content reflects the competitive nature of the creative space.

Nigerian film actress cum businesswoman, Regina Chukwu has called out skit makers and content creators in Nigeria, particularly those in her DMs.

She sternly warned them to stop sending their videos to her to post for them when they have not worked on the videos.

Regina Chukwu urged them to give it their best once they get the opportunity as many of the jokes told by some skit makers in her DM are annoying. She took to her Instagram page and wrote: 

“To all the upcoming skit makers/content creators sending me their videos to post for them on my page in as much as I would love to do this pls try and work on those skit, some makes you cry instead of making us laugh, I am not even joking you so pissed off that you could even start crying you be like kileleyi..

if you see an opportunity to be showcased the best you can do is GIVE IT YOUR BEST and don’t tell me those are your best cause I believe you can do better so if I ignore your message that include your skit video it simply I wasn’t impressed oya go and do better and I will post it for you with love from me.”

Regina Chukwu added in the caption of her post:

“Ko easy yeah 👍

But let’s make it worth it while we are at IT🫠

Big Gina cares.”

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