Why I keep celebrating 35th birthday every year – Allwell Ademola

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Actress Allwell Ademola has revealed the reason for her annual celebration of her 35th birthday.

In an interview with QEDNG on the red carpet of Toyin Abraham’s movie premiere, the actress, who has consistently celebrated her 35th birthday for four years, revealed the reason behind this unique tradition.

When questioned about the reason for consistently celebrating her 35th birthday, she responded, “Because the road to 35 is very long, so it will take me a while to get out of that, very soon.”

On the eve of her birthday last year, Allwell playfully teased her fans by suggesting she was 35, before eventually revealing that she would be celebrating her 40th birthday instead.

“35 in a few hours. Sorry, I mean 40. Etu itoju mi baba mimo,” the actress jokingly quipped.

In celebration of her new age, Allwell Ademola expressed, “It’s a new day, a new year, and a brand NEW LIFE for me… I wish myself joy and love every single day. To remember the purpose in pain and become the greatest version of myself.”

“To express, entertain and lighten the load of living through laughter And to not just survive my life, but LIVE my life, Consciously & Honourably, Amin Jesu I am not perfect, but I am a limited version. I am an Institution. I am a driving force like water, Soft, Flexible, Irresistible, Deep, Strong and Pure …..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME – Allwell Apeke Ademola.”

Allwell has showcased her talent in movies such as “Larodo Ojo,” “You or I,” “Omo Emi,” “Aye Keji,” “Ojumo Ire,” “Gongo Aso,” “Oba Onise Ara,” and “Jagunlabi.”

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