“I’m Tired Of Everything Why Me”– Actress Toyin Alausa Gets Emotional Over Her Life As She Couldn’t Account For Anything Despite Working Everyday (Watch)

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Nollywood actress Toyin Alausa has posted an emotional video on her social media page, expressing her feelings about her life and questioning why she is going through challenges despite working every day.

According to her, she revealed that from January to December this year she did not have a minute for herself but it’s working all the time, and looking at her account balance it made her shade tears because she could not afford a penny inside her account.

This makes her shed Tears because how will someone be working from January to December and he/she can not account for money in her account number.

Her fans console her to take heart because they know that she can do what her colleagues are doing and that is why.

She Wrote: First of this isn’t a pity post or s.m stunt , I didn’t think I’d ever post this or knew I’d get the best and most suitable voiceover for the mood .

Just going through the streets of IG now and I found the post on @realsusanpeters page where a Whole Taraji P. Henson broke down 😭🙌🏼… I mean this woman we all know is a dynamic world class Actor and yet her math ain’t mathing, aarrghhh 😳😩😩!!!

so I remembered how I got so emotional and overwhelmed few days ago on my way back from work , I was drained and exhausted from series of jobs, I’ve barely had time for anything than work and yet when I checked account bal math wasn’t mathing at all … I wept for myself … Jan – Dec where did all the figures go?? How ??

Some of us don’t have any extra support from anywhere other than what we earn from our sweat which atimes shouldn’t be heard of ( contrary to what those outside the industry think) , and from that little we earn we still extend love to those in need around us , take care of ourselves , family ( for some who are breadwinners) , mobility to and fro etc 🥺😣…

It’ll be unreasonable for anyone to assume that screen life is the same as Real life and expect someone like me to live the facade some people live …

While I’m super Thankful and Grateful for the numerous blessings money can’t buy bestowed on me I earnestly look forward to when every hard work will come with a matching reward, and Math go begin Math solidly 🙏💯



Special Shout out to all the hardworking women out there , diligently and consistently striving to achieving success , don’t be discouraged , tough times don’t last tough people do .


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