“A little part of me still insists you have beautiful soul” Yomi Fabiyi write a full epistle to celebrate Iyabo Ojo birthday

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Priscilla Ojo, daughter of Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, has joined in celebrating her mother on her 46th birthday. Both stunned in matching outfits for the occasion.

Yomi Fabiyi on Instagram shared a photo of Iyabo Ojo with a lengthy message detailing the reasons for their ongoing rift.

According to the father of one, his relationship with Iyabo Ojo turned sour when the actress in cohorts with Princess Comedian sabotaged the rape case against veteran Nigerian Yoruba actor, Olanrewaju James popularly known as Baba Ijesha, in what he called an ‘organized crime.

Yomi Fabiyi revealed he is yet to reconcile with Iyabo Ojo until he finds a closure on Baba Ijesha’s case. He however wished the actress well with heartwarming words stating a part of him believes in her.

The dramatic actor recalled how Iyabo Ojo came to his rescue countless times when he fell into trouble and when he lost his mother. “Happy Birthday to you Iyabo mi owon @iyaboojofespris Best Birthday wishes and congratulations as you start your new year. I am avoiding any form of physical reconciliation until I find closure in Baba Ijesha’s case.

My stance remain, it was an ORGANIZED CRIME which has no propensity in law. Too many inconsistencies and abuse. Nothing tendered in court to prove the age of the girl as a minor, no evidence of any defilement(when girl purportedly 7years). The full cctv hardware(primary evidence) missing during trial and the man whose sperm was found on the girl by the name “DAMOLA ADEKOLA” is walking free despite his confession and arrest by Police. All of you are silent about this.

Search your conscience. Luring Baba Ijesha with flirting(with acting) is a violation of his rights. Princess used torture to force Baba Ijesha but that part hidden from judge. If truly the girl was 14 years Iyabo, as a mother, what princess orchestrated is CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. You don’t record sexual abuse of underage.

THE DEBT WE OWE EVERY CHILD IS PROTECTION. No where in the world will a mother want her child to suffer PTSD, no excuse. I cannot be silenced from fighting these things, never. I spent major part of my life fighting for women, children, against domestic violence, torture and human rights abuses in stations etc. I won’t forget your kindness Iyabo.

You helped me with Tfare in 2002 when Baba Suwe chased me away past 11pm at Potomac, Ikorodu because I forgot camera bag during Muka Ray’s movie then. You looked out for me genuinely during END SARS on the 20th October, 2020 night, you reached out during my mother’s demise and gave me 50k during her burial.

Reason I keep trying to make peace, never went to court against you for all those violations. A part of me still insist you are a beautiful soul. Attend to criminal issues more LOGICALLY than SENTIMENTS dear. Oko Iyabo movie was a return banter for your excessive attacks on my human rights advocacy and body shaming, also to send message of peace. Anyway that is in the past. If my birthday post is not this long, you should know it is not genuinely from my heart.


Yomi Fabiyi a.k.a Araba”

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