“You sent 45k and you are shouting, is it my father that will help you train your child” Yomi Fabiyi’s baby mama drags him with receipts

Written by fazazy39

Yomi Fabiyi’s baby mama, Grace Jimoh, continues to criticize him on social media, this time expressing disapproval of his publicizing financial contributions towards their son, Akorede.

She claims that Yomi Fabiyi responded to her social media rant by sharing the receipt of the amount he sent for the purchase of a bicycle for their child.

The mother of one complained against the actor that the 45 thousand naira he is boasting about was not enough to purchase the essential items their son needs. She shared photos of the school materials she purchased and som le other items.

Grace also dragged Fabiyi for sharing the amount of pizza he bought for him, stating he bought pizza of 4,500 out in 12 months. She taunted him for expecting her father to be responsible for their son.

“So I am just hearing what Yomi has been posting since yesterday, cos I have not been online, posting receipts of byciclea of 45k and pizza of 4500. Yomi you no dey shame? Let me just start from there, posting receipts of pizza??? In all my last witeups, I don’t think I ever made mention about my child suffering or anything, it was all about me and my movie.

You posted the receipt of a bicycle you spent 45k and I spent more than what you have sent why do I have to rant to people about how much I spent for my child?

Yo bought pizza of 4500 out of 12 months in a year, you still post receipt to prove what please? Na my papa go help you train child before.”

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