“Remember This Veteran Actor?”– This Yoruba Actor Is Now A Bike Man ‘Okada’ who Live In A Dilapidated Building (Details)

Written by fazazy39

A veteran Nigerian Yoruba actor has been spotted engaging in Okada (motorcycle taxi) business after several years in the Yoruba movie industry.

The Actor was posted by a Facebook user named Mhiz Arewa who revealed that she saw the man ridding Okada now and pleaded online that God Should please locate him.

She seeks and prays for help to locate the veteran actor as they have totally forgotten him in the movie industry and nobody is willing to helping him again.

She Wrote: Who remember this Legend Yoruba Actor who acted TOMBOLO? They said he is now a bike man, he has been trending on TikTok as many savs they have know him as a bike man since 2013, If you watch TOMBOLO you will know him as one of the main actor in that popular movi3. I really wish people can help him thou!😢

Rukayat Raheem: I know him in Abeokuta since 2011 riding motor bike okada

Olatunde Modupe Azeez Wrote: I know him well in tombolo,but why bikeman now, pls let’s help him.

Hardemola Hardex wrote: This man was one of the best rider in Ibadan during opay and safeboda I dnt know when he relocate to Abk shaaa

Okanlawan Queen Latifah: I dnt see anything bad in okada riding infact, Many of them are now landlords, may Allah crown our efforts

Prophetess Oluwatoyin Afolakemi Yinoluwa: So all actors must be rich now, all of them must have big houses and cars, kolode teyin eeyan kii joko sibi tolorun fiyin si nan??this man is not complaining to anyone, so what’s yr own

Ola Igbalode wrote: I knew him since 2012 as a bike man around lafenwa to sabo abeokuta…. Till now he still work as a bike man he will uses the cloth on his neck to cover his face so most people will not know

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