Moment Davido intervenes as Wizkid lands a slap on overzealous fan

Written by fazazy39

Drama unfolded during the hangout between the renowned singers Ayo “Wizkid” Balogun and Davido “Adeleke,” capturing the moment when Wizkid landed a slap on a fan. Incidents like these often become focal points of discussion and speculation within the fan community.

A noteworthy moment from the recent joint appearance of these music stars was a video showcasing them showering dollar bills at DJ Skyla Tyla’s beach party in Lagos. Such displays of affluence at events often attract attention and generate discussions on social media.

However, an incident during their hangout caught the attention of many online when Wizkid unexpectedly slapped a fan during the hangout.

Wizkid’s sudden action prompted Davido to swiftly intervene, preventing any further escalation by restraining the singer.

Wizkid’s action has since generated a wave of reactions from both fans and critics who found the drama hilarious and expected.

Some suggested that the fan may have attempted to steal from Wizkid, while others claimed the fan rudely showered money on the singer.

According to online users, this bold act seemingly provoked the Starboy crooner, leading OBO to step in and mediate.

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