“Most of us in the industry don’t even know ourselves” Kiitan Bukola rolls out warnings on Nollywood filmmakers bad attitudes

Written by fazazy39

Yoruba Nollywood actress Oloruntimilehin Bosede Bukola, popularly known as Kiitan Bukola, has issued a warning to netizens, urging them not to generalize the negative behaviors of some Nollywood filmmakers onto others. It’s a common call for fairness and understanding in the industry.

The actress made this statement on her social media page, Instagram where she specifically told her followers that most of them don’t know each other but only meet on movie locations, bond there and return to their various destinations.

Kiitan Bukola also begged her fans to stop generalizing then with insults as they all share different surnames and a person with good character is bit meant to be facing backlash for others misconduct.

“Yeah! We all are actors, we are colleagues, but we ain’t from the same background, we were not brought up same way, stop generalizing us with insults our surnames are different… THANKS..

Most of us in the industry don’t even know ourselves, we just meet up at locations do our work and go back to our various homea. Imagine having to face backlash for other people’s misconduct.

I am not perfect but please face me for my imperfection not my colleague who knows nothing .Meditating this morning…”

Sometime back, Kiitan Bukola vented out on how she was despised for no reasons in the industry. She made this known when she appreciated her fans who kept her going.

Kiitan added that she is comforted with the fact that those who love her are more than the ones who dislike her.

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