“Awww Her Voice Is So Sweet Sha” – Davido’s Wife, Chioma Adeleke Voice Goes Viral as Video of Her Speaking Surface Online

Written by fazazy39

A video featuring Chioma Adeleke, Davido’s wife, demonstrating her hair styling routine has gone viral, creating a buzz on social media.

Celebrity lifestyle moments often capture widespread attention and spark discussions among fans and followers.

In the video shared by @barbiebeauty81, Chioma joyfully shared her various hair care practices, captivating viewers with contagious laughter.

She said; “I cream my hair, I curl it, I deep curl it. So I went wavy straight.”

As the video went viral, netizens couldn’t resist laughter, praising Chioma’s stunning beauty and radiant personality across various social media platforms.

Chioma’s voice surprised many, described as melodic and drawing comparisons to the popular singer Ayra Star, leaving people taken aback.

Watch The Video Below;


Show her bu liking this video dont skip Omg she is dam beautiful and classic #fyp #foryourpagetiktok #createwitheffects #foryou #trending #chefchioma @Mirabel Mimi ❤️❤️💞🌧️

♬ original sound – Mirabel Mimi ❤️❤️💞🌧️

Reacting to the post;

@mx|lemegg said: “She kinda sounds like ayra.”

@justicsss said: “She sounds so different.”

@amiable reacted: “Ayra n tems voice.”

@STY reacted: “If not for the love i have for Davido I for date this girl aswear.”

@Esther said: “She has ayra Starr voice.”

@Mhariyam said: “She kinda resemble Davido now.”

@mhiiz Rukky reacted: “Awww her voice is so sweet.”

@Retty said: “Beautiful my first-time hearing ur voice.”

@light said: “Love you so much chioma.”

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