“They don’t play with Urhobo people” – Nkechi Blessing tenders public apology to boyfriend, Xxssive over video with Egungun

Written by fazazy39

It’s interesting to hear about Nkechi Blessing’s public apology to her boyfriend, Xxssive. Public relationships can be challenging, and it’s commendable when individuals address issues openly.

Following the incident, Nkechi Blessing’s boyfriend issued a warning to Egungun regarding the offensive video featuring him and the actress.

In the video, Egungun, who appeared to have gone with Nkechi Blessing to Mercy Aigbe’s “Ada Omo Daddy” movie premiere, was seen grabbing the actress’s behind.

Xxssive was not happy with it and advised him to handle his work professionally, especially when it comes to touching and grabbing, which he declared was not acceptable to him.

He said he should keep his hands to himself even though he isn’t fighting or arguing with him.

He thanked him and said that boundaries should be respected, work should be work, and business should be business.

In response, Nkechi apologized to him and said that they don’t play with Urhobo people.

She wrote: “Haaaa Dem no dey play with Urhobo people oooo. No vex baby”.


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