“I’m So Tired Right Now, Not Sure This Relationship Is Working”–Portable 4th Baby Mama Cried Out For Help (Watch)

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Portable’s fourth baby mama cries out about the lack of sales in his business, highlighting a challenging situation affecting his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ashabi Simple took to Instagram to reveal that despite having ninety-seven thousand followers they are not patronizing his business kind of relationship are all these ninety-seven thousand people doing with her.

He went further revealing that the relationship is not working and she doesn’t not want to be mocked by her friends and colleagues because of the lack of sales.

She wrote: Am so tired right now , and don’t want to be depress , not sure dis relationship is going to work out 💔, I can’t keep it to myself anymore just have to cry it out ,, am weaken , , it’s not working out has planned, GOD ,how on earth did I meet myself in this situation of life 😪 I don’t want to give up , that’s why I keep trying but sincerely am tired just have to move on , fine I know you will say nobody send me , I know and was only trying for myself but can’t do it alone🥲 it’s not a one hand job please heal me oh lord 🥲🥲🥲🥲 am not happy 🥲🥲 Our relationship is looking so sad and not productive to me 💔💔💔

Yes now , Abi why on earth will I have over 97k followers on ig and you aren’t patronizing my brands 😌😉😳🤔, 
I sell cloth @simple_wardrobe1 have been saying this shouting everyday but no turn up , did u want me to b mock ? 
Which kind of relationship are we building that you can’t patronize my brands @monmartt_kids @bomafart_skincare @fahalgold_collection @abefe_hair_collection @simple_wardrobe1 😪 now Dey refuse to give me festival gift because you all aren’t turning up for me ko da now , you aren’t making dis relationship productive for me esaanu mi 🙏🙏🙏 
What were u thinking before 😳 oh sorry oooooo 
Please kindly patronize my brands it mean a lot to me 🙏 (olorun o ni se yin ni apate mata ) 🙏🙏🙏 if I advertise movies for you aswell kindly watch edakun ỌDUN AYO lamase oo 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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