How una the do am my 1.5 million naira corset dress almost ended my life – Nkechi Blessing cries out

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Nollywood star Nkechi Blessing candidly shares her high-fashion discomfort, discussing the challenges of wearing a corset dress and shedding light on the less glamorous aspects of the industry.

In a recent video, she expressed the difficulty in breathing and discomfort while donning a 1.5 million Naira corset dress, humorously remarking that the attire felt like it wanted to “kill” her due to its tightness.

”una see as dey bundle me like mannequin enter inside car?”

”Person use 1.5 million naira sow clothe wey wan kill am?”

Anywhere I see corset I will run away. Let me just stick to my two piece and Bubu gowns. I had to change because I couldn’t sit down.”

The dress, worn to the “Ada Omo Daddy” movie premiere, was a striking red ensemble with a tightly cinched waist.

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Nkechi Blessing humorously remarked that she would avoid corsets in the future due to the discomfort they cause. She revealed that despite the high price tag of, the physical was too much to bear.

Recall that about a month ago, Nkechi Blessing was embroiled in a heated online altercation with relationship therapist Blessing Okoro. The conflict escalated to the point where physical confrontation almost loomed. Nkechi Blessing drove to Okoro’s office, threatening a physical altercation, which Okoro’s team countered by claiming they didn’t see her car outside.

Also, back In August 2023, rumors about Nkechi Blessing’s relationship breakdown began circulating, with some netizens advice pouring in for her to leave her boyfriend. However, Blessing strongly opposed this advice, criticizing those suggesting she end her relationship, claiming it was akin to using charm or ‘juju’ to influence her decisions. She defended her relationship, stating that she was happy.

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