“This our wedding dress you picked is fine are you picking mine” Yomi Fabiyi teases Funke Akindele, she reacts

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Yomi Fabiyi playfully continues his admiration for Funke Akindele, sharing photos of her in a wedding gown from her movie premiere on his Instagram, adding a touch of humor and appreciation.

He humorously wonders if she’s also selecting his wedding suit, adding a touch of lightheartedness to their colleague camaraderie.

He asserted that the filmmaker has good taste, hence why he is relinquishing the power for her to choose his wedding outfit.

“La’Funky, this OUR WEDDING DRESS you picked is fine. Are you picking mine for me too? I know you have good taste. I want to believe white of this is also cool. The Tr!be of Judah will be there all through”.

Commending under his post, Funke Akindele appreciated him with love emojis.

“Thanks a lot, Yomi”.

Some months back, Yomi Fabiyi had confessed his feelings and love for Funke Akindele.

Taking to his Instagram page to share a photo of them from a movie set years back, Yomi Fabiyi called for them to celebrate their wedding anniversary, he stated that their relationship has been based on pure love, as he described her as the bride he never had.

Weeks back, Yomi had cried out over his unjust sufferings, as he noted how many tried to pull him down and blackmail him, especially those he helped up the ladder.

The movie star noted how his fans and followers can bear witness to what life has thrown his way in recent times for being nice and standing by what is right.

Calling them names, he added that the most scary are those God used him to help who are blackmailing him and trying to pull him down by all means.

This came days after he had said a powerful prayer for his 200 ingrates as he unveiled a massive project.

The Yoruba movie star who has claimed on several occasions to have been used by people to climb to the top, surprised many when he revealed that he is surrounded by 200 ingrates. However, he is grateful that the number of grateful souls surpasses the number of ingrates.

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