“Update don cast” – Video of Femi Adebayo and a lady exchanging pleasantries at an event trends online (Watch)

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A trending video of popular Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo and a lady exchanging pleasantries at an event has sparked mixed reactions among viewers.

In the viral video, Femi Adebayo was seen in a seated position when the lady who they are both in matching outfits came to greet him and that was just the beginning.

Femi Adebayo and the lady greeted each other and even hugged themselves for a well as they both beamed with smiles on their faces.

The duo while at the event managed to have a conversation with each other while they displayed some chemistry together.

However, the end part of the video gets many people talking online following an alleged action taken by them.

Many who paid close attention to the video alleged that the lady gave Femi Adebayo her phone number written on paper in a coded number.

Adding that the alleged paper was slipped by the lady into the actor’s hand at the event.

Watch the video below;

As expected, the video of Femi Adebayo and the lady triggered several reactions online, while some claimed that the actor coded collected the number from her, others said he didn’t collect it.

Other reactions from netizens questioned the whereabouts of the actor’s wife, some also said that they couldn’t see anything happening in the video. See below;

@realestos:  Baba collect number then squeeze face😂.

@officialmrdeen: If you see that, gather here 😂.

@FruityofAbuja: So he’s cheating on his wife? Wow.

adeyi____: He didn’t collect anything from her.. she actually put that white stuff in her bag… check very well.

dj_bengeezee: Transaction going lowkey.. don’t wait for screenshot 😂.

@OloriEbiVawul: What’s that she squeezed into his palm ✋? Abi na my eyes 👀 Dey pain me?

@lavehzee: Women won’t stop putting men in trouble, despite the fact that she knows that he is a married man, she still gave him what’s she’s not supposed to give her, nawa for those other gender oh.

_ikeola_xx: Trust any Femi at your own risk😂😂.

don_jagadon: Na for yoruba party them they phuck person wife😂😂😂.

caringlarry2k: Casted😂😂😂😂.

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