“See As She Smiles, love is really sweet” – Beautiful bride smiles as husband-to-be surprises her with briefcase filled with money on wedding day

Written by fazazy39

A captivating moment surfaced on social media as a radiant Nigerian bride garnered widespread attention. In a video, she radiated joy as her husband presented her with a briefcase filled with money on their wedding day.

The viral video captured the man, presumably her husband, entering with flowers before unveiling the cash-filled briefcase.

He then left the room and approached his wife, presenting her with the flowers. Initially, the bride didn’t smile upon receiving the flowers.

However, as soon as her husband handed her the briefcase filled with money, an immediate smile lit up her face, and she hugged and exchanged kisses with him.

The bride’s reaction in the video captivated numerous social media users, leading many to flood the comment section with their reactions

See some reactions below:

Jen’s deluxe cosmetics: “‎Love is sweet.”

bbygirlforlife1: “‎Is it only me that notice the bride is not excited.”

Tems Organic skincare: “‎She’s doing her makeup and doesn’t want to laugh much in order not to spoil the ongoing makeup.”

____drownbach: “‎They give flower we no see her teeth untill she see money.”

kosisochukwu: “‎She’s not dat excited because u have wond her with surprises many times congratulations.”

Presh: “‎She is actually smiling and because she loved it, so why are you guys saying she’s not excited. she suppose Dey roll for floor? You people sef.”

Big queen: “‎Lol she wasn’t happy for the flower and didn’t smile until she saw d money.”

Wendy Lora: “‎You said suprise. The expression is not tallying.”

Remy_@: “‎that’s a walking red flag right there, I’m taking my stuffs back if I don’t get the energy a surprise like this deserves, except there’s a back story.”



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