Popular 70 Years Old Business Man, Francis Van-lare causes C0mm0tion as he unveils photos of ladies he’s allegedly slept with, promises to release more(photos)

Written by fazazy39

The decision by popular businessman Francis Van-lare to mark his septuagenarian birthday by publicly releasing names and alleged photos of the 219 ladies he claims to have slept with since 1970 has garnered attention and sparked discussions.

Earlier reports indicated that the man, Francis Van-lare, celebrated his 70th birthday by choosing to reveal the extent of his romantic history, sharing details about his purported body count.

He released the staggering names of the ladies he has slept with.

In a fresh report, Francis Van-lare released photos of some of the ladies he has supposedly slept with.

Photos making the rounds online shows him with each of the ladies.

See netizens reactions below:

smartofficial_ said: “Thai Baba is serious ooh. Imagine seeing your mum, sister or wife here”

finegirl_eni wrote: “It is only one he took to a nice restaurant and you can see he didn’t touch her anyhow. Ladies know your worth”

shinaney_gabriels said: “The lady wey em hold for breast like that no fit EVER get any receipt to prove otherwise, the man evidence tooo strong for her own”

trina_joness said: “There’s no outrage because he is a man Let awoman come and pull this stunt and see what would happen.”

See photos below:

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