“It my life, please face your life” Lateef knocks insensitive fan who commanded his wife Mobimpe to get pregnant

Written by fazazy39

In a recent Instagram post, Mo Bimpe captivated her followers with a stunning photo, showcasing her in an elegant purple and blue lace outfit.

While the picture received numerous positive comments, one overly curious fan went on to inquire about her pregnancy, specifically asking about a potential pregnancy belly, showing a level of intrusion into her personal life.

Lateef Adedimeji, Mobimpe’s husband, quickly jumped to his wife’s defense. In a strong and protective response, he addressed the fan directly in the comment section of the post.

Adedimeji expressed his displeasure at the fan’s unsolicited advice, firmly stating that such personal matters were none of the fan’s business. He advised the individual to focus on their own life rather than meddling in the affairs of others.

This incident sheds light on the invasive nature of some fan interactions, especially in the lives of public figures.

Recall that back in July Lateef had cried out over his wife incessant bullying him. He had taken to his instagram page to share that his wife was constantly bullying him.

Also, Lateef and Mobimpe had shared a cute Meet story of how they both met each other. According to Lateef, he had met his wife at the set of her second production and they had both became friends. However, things slowly grew from there. They also revealed that they had both encountered a road block in their relationship as Lateef was a core Muslim while Mobimpe was a Christian.

Back in June 2022, Lateef Adedimeji had bagged an award in Vienna. He had participated in the cultural festivities alongside his beautiful wife, Mobimpe and he also got an award as he festivities came to a closure.

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