“I Invited Portable Intentionally, Pasuma To Win Souls To Christ” Celestial Church Founder Finally Speaks

Written by fazazy39

Aderemi Dabiri, a church leader in Lagos, defended his choice to invite musicians Alabi Pasuma and Portable to a special event, emphasizing his aim to reach a broader audience, including those not typically inclined to attend church.

In a video meeting with the church task force, he explained that this strategy had proven successful in attracting new members, even those who may have been causing trouble in the community.

Dabiri mentioned that he preferred secular musicians over some gospel ministers who he felt were rude. He recounted his positive interaction with Pasuma, highlighting the artist’s respectful attitude.

Addressing concerns raised by the church task force, Dabiri assured that he wouldn’t cancel the invitation but would ensure the artists behaved appropriately.

For example, he planned to ask Portable to sing gospel songs, avoid vulgar language, dress modestly, and prevent any smoking by his entourage. Dabiri also mentioned having military personnel at the event for security

Lastly, Dabiri appealed to the worldwide Celestial Church community to support his vision, emphasizing his commitment to using this unique evangelism style to bring pride to the church.

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