“Most men don’t have sense” – Actress Moet Abebe speaks why she’s still single at 34

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Nigerian actress Moet Abebe recently revealed details about her relationship status, explaining why she remains single at the age of 34.

The actress stated that most guys “don’t have sense,” and she hasn’t yet met a “sensible man.”

She unmasked the societal pressures that often confine women, prioritizing her happiness and self-growth over settling with just any man, while challenging the stereotypes imposed upon women to nurture a grown man.

She talked on a recent episode of the podcast Bahd and Boujee, co-hosted by reality personality Tolanibaj.

Moet said: “I’m still single because I’ve issue with men. My issue with men is that they don’t have sense.”

Actor Daniel Etim-Effiong, who also appeared on the show, suggested for Moet to find a man she can nurture, but she replied that she isn’t ready to “baby” any man.

Naijalegit reported that Tolanibaj, a former Big Brother Naija contestant and DJ, sparked online reactions by sharing her perspectives on feminism.

Tolani stated that she did not agree with the principles of feminism since she believed that women should not compete with men.

She revealed this in an interview with nightlife king Yhemo Lee on a recent episode of Moet Abebe’s programme Bahd and Boujee.

According to Tolanibaj, who thinks that men and women are not equal, the woman’s purpose is to complement the male rather than compete with him.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate declared that she cannot identify as a feminist for the reasons given above.

“I feel like women are not supposed to compete with men, they are just supposed to complement them. That’s why I can’t say I am a feminist because I don’t see how if a man is doing gra gra, as a woman I should be doing gra gra too”

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