“If you love him warn him to stop bullying me” Jayeola Monje sends message to Adeniyi Johnson, Seyi Edun, others over Jigan Babaoja

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Jaiye Kuti, also known as Jayeola Monje, has conveyed a message to her colleagues regarding Jigan Babaoja.

During the weekend, Jayeola had publicly called out Jigan, while sharing a video of her publicly embarrassing the actor at an event. The two got into a heated argument and Jayeola humiliated him.

Further calling him out, she stated that she is mind wouldn’t touch the ground.

Now taking to her Instagram page, she sent a message to Adeniyi Johnson, Seyi Edun, and Bimbo Oshin, urging them to warn Jigan seriously. She urged anyone who loves Jigan and doesn’t want him to break Jigan’s leg to advise him.

She told them to warn him to stop bullying him behind the camera, or else she would come to him anywhere she saw him.

“Happy Sunday my lovelies
Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly… Abeg, if you truly like or love @jiganbabaoja and you don’t want me to br@k€ the other leg…warn him to stop bullying me behind the camera…else I’ll come for him anywhere I see him…

Make I tag people wey bring am come Akure first make dem warn am seriously

This isn’t the first time, Jigan would be embarrassed at an event.

In August, Jigan experienced embarrassment at the naming ceremony of skit maker Cute Abiola’s son, as his colleague Kamo State approached him to publicly embarrass him.

The celebrity brand ambassador was seen holding on to Jigan’s shirt as he angrily spoke at him. Though the cause of the dispute isn’t known, Jigan pleaded with him to tone down his madness.

Reacting to it, actress Bimpe Akintunde threatened to take Kamo to court on behalf of Jigan.

Jigan stirred controversy on social media when he created a scene after his colleague, Damilola Oni, refused to kiss him on a movie set.

Taking to his Instagram page to vent out, Jigan shared a video of him, Damilola, and other cast and crew of the movie arguing over the issue.

Damilola questioned why she would kiss Jigan as it wasn’t stated in the script. Jigan, on the other hand, who was visibly angry insisted that the actress must kiss her.

The issue had left other cast and crew divided as they tried to settle the disputes, but Damilola remained adamant that she wouldn’t kiss Jigan on a movie star.

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