“From the depth of my heart, I pray that God and man will favor”- Actress Omoborty says as she celebrates her first son birthday

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Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo, popularly known as Omoborty, is joyously celebrating her son as he marks a new age, expressing maternal pride and happiness on this special occasion.

The proud mother expressed her love and appreciation for her son on social media, sharing heartfelt sentiments and gratitude for his presence in her life.

Sharing a heartwarming photo of her son, Omoborty penned a heartfelt message, she wrote,”Ayomide mi.As you celebrate your birthday today, my heart overflows with gratitude to God 🙏 for the incredible gift of you. From the moment you entered my life, you brought boundless joy, as your name implies: AYOMIDE 💃!

First, let me thank you for giving me peace of mind even though you are thousands of miles away from me. You never make me regret my decision about you.So today, I pray for a future fully orchestrated by God that exceeds your wildest dreams, filled with love, success, and peace of mind. May you always walk in the light of God, kindness, courage, and His wisdom.

May each day for you be a step closer to God, your purpose, dreams, and may you find strength in the face of challenges because they are inevitable, so be prepared.I might not tell you this often, but I want you to know that I am proud to be your mom. I am prouder of the man you have become. People often say single parents, especially women, don’t raise God-fearing, loving, caring, and perfect men. But I’m more than proud to say that you’re a man any woman would pray for.

Raising you single-handedly has been both an honor and joy. I won’t deny the challenges, but today I’m grateful to God you came into my life.

Oh! I almost forgot, your strength, resilience, and the courage of your heart inspire me every day. You’re so hardworking for your age that you make me cry sometimes that I’m not doing enough, but all you want is to support mommy because you feel pity for her.
You are so compassionate that you wish you could work to pay your own school fees yourself. But you know Mommy will never allow that. I’m so proud of you 👍.

Ha! Ayomide, from the depth of my heart, I pray that God and man will favor you all the days of your life 🙏.

Happy Birthday, oko mi! May this year mark the beginning of that fulfilled chapter, filled with a stronger relationship with God, blessings, growth, and all that your heart desires.Congratulations in advance, and God bless you, my truest love ❤️.”

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