“Director, please continue, Don’t Stop”- Actor Charles Okocha pleads with the director following his r0mantic scene with #BBNaija Mercy Eke (Video).

Written by fazazy39

In a recent video, actor Charles Okocha is seen engaging in a romantic scene with #BBNaija Mercy Eke.

Amidst the performance, Charles Okocha humorously implores the director not to halt the scene, adding a playful touch to the behind-the-scenes moment.

Renowned Nollywood actor and musician Charles Okocha stirred up social media when, amidst a heated exchange with co-star Mercy Eke, he urged the film’s director to redo a specific sequence in their upcoming project.

This request for a reshoot has become a focal point of discussion and anticipation among fans, adding an intriguing layer to the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the film.

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