“See As Dem They Do Me Ooo”–Funny Moment As Jigan Babaoja and Jaiye Kuti Fiight, Leading To Actor’s Fall At Akure event (Video)

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Jaiye Kuti has successfully stirred a reaction from Jigan Babaoja, renowned for provoking celebrities himself.

The actors were at an event when Jaiye urged Jigan to stand up and join her at the podium for dancing and spraying money to celebrate the occasion. Unfazed, Jigan expressed disinterest, prompting the actress to take his chair from beneath him, resulting in laughter from onlookers.

Nigerian film actress Jaiye Kuti, popularly known as Jaiyeola Monje, has engaged in a dispute with her junior male colleague, Abimbola Kazeem, better known as Jigan Babaoja.

The Nollywood stars were at an event in Akure, with some of their colleagues such as Afeez Owo, Bimbo Oshin, Kemi Korede, Adeniyi Johnson, Seyi Shay, and many more in attendance.

In a video shared by the actress, it appeared that Jigan Babaoja, who is known to provoke various celebrities, had earlier wronged Jaiye Kuti. In retaliation, Jaiye Kuti, gorgeously dressed in the same fabric as other attendees, approached Jigan’s table. She took his face cap and forcefully grabbed his waist purse (fanny pack), urging him to stand up and accompany her. Despite much persuasion, the actor resisted following her, and she pulled his chair from underneath him, forcing him to stand up.

Jigan seemed to be expressing his disinterest in going to the dance floor to spray money on the celebrant, and finally, Jaiye agreed. She returned the bale of money she had collected and told him to sit down.

As the father of three attempted to sit down, Jaiye Kuti pulled his chair from under him, causing him to fall down on his bum.

Jigan wasn’t having it and clearly got provoked. He engaged in an argument with Jaiye Kuti, while other guests burst into laughter without intervening in their squabble. The actress, who had threatened him, captioned the video:

@jiganbabaoja your mind no go touch ground. 🥊 🥊

See video below:

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