“From the beginning till today” Bobrisky remembers his humble beginnings as he celebrates new achievement

Written by fazazy39

Bobrisky, the popular Nigerian cross-dresser, took to social media to reflect on his humble beginnings as he celebrates his recent achievement.

Despite not being a musician or artist, Bobrisky thanked his fans and lovers on his verified Instagram page for helping him reach the five million follower mark.

The contentious celebrity recalled how he began at the beginning and unwaveringly appreciated those who came after him.

“Cheers to 5,000,000 real lovers here.I’m not an artist, I’m not a musician and i have dis amount of followers.. Thanks to those awesome followers who followed me from d beginning of BOBRISKY to where we are today. God bless you all.”

Earlier this year, Bobrisky unveiled plans to hand over his prostitution ‘ashewo’ business to his grandchildren.

Bobrisky made this claim during one of his many rants online. He disclosed that he will continue with his lifestyle until he is 95 years old.

Hee also revealed that he would hand his classy business to his grandchildren because it is very sweet.

Days back, Bobrisky escaped the anger of the Benin youths over a remark which is perceived as being s**xual towards their king.

The local youths led a massive protests against his presence in their state and expressed their strong refusal to accept him.

A viral clip once captured when Bobrisky made suggestive remarks about the Oba of Benin which many perceive as disrespectful and sexually inappropriate.

The backlash severe backlash compelled the dramatic crossdresser to issue an apology, stating that the comments were intended as a joke and not meant to be taken seriously.

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