“My Furniture Alone Can Buy Your So Called House”- Actress Lizzy Anjorin Brag As She Flaunts Lavish Multi-Million Naira Office Furnished With Gold

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin unveils the interior and exterior of her office, coming just a day after fellow actress Iyabo Ojo initiated a legal action against her, seeking N500 million in damages. The longstanding feud between Iyabo and Lizzy, which unfolded on social media for weeks, has now escalated to a legal dispute.

After Iyabo Ojo publicly shared the lawsuit papers on her Instagram, Lizzy Anjorin responded by going live, subtly addressing the legal matter without mentioning names. In a video shared on social media, Lizzy highlights her office, emphasizing the arrival with security, her elegant entrance, and deliberately focusing on the office’s interior.

Despite the legal tension, Lizzy maintains a seemingly nonchalant attitude, captioning the video with a humorous, “YOU GERRIT???” This move further fuels the ongoing drama between the two actresses, attracting attention and comments from fans and followers.

How are fans and celebrities reacted to the video 

Jaiyeola_monje : Omg 😱 I was shocked when I saw police patrol car @lizzyanjorin_original 
Don’t give me hypertension nitori olorun. I know my wahala don tire you. Okay please just pick my call for the last time . Aburomi dakun😢😢 mapami

Smog1001: I love the fact that you drove yourself in that machine. Sepeteri no fit

Ajockey_emirate: Your mode of decent dress is my concern, that is to say you don’t need to expose your body before you fine

p4percuilar: One thing I like about lizzy is that she is not selective in responding to her comment section. She replies everybody unlike those who always chose to reply there co -celeb ❤️

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