“I almost quit”– Saheed Osupa speaks on challenges he faced as he bagged degree at 54

Written by fazazy39

Fuji musician Akorede Babatunde Okunola, known by his stage name Saheed Osupa, opens up about the challenges he encountered while pursuing a degree at the age of 54.

Recalls that Saheed Osupa recently achieved this academic milestone, proving that learning knows no age limit.

Osupa, who was part of the last graduates of the institution, disclosed this in a Facebook post while commenting on his decision to pursue a degree in political science.

He wrote, ““I went to school to pursue my degrees because I wanted to upgrade my intellectual capacity and don’t want to be segregated.

Initially, I was not having any problems from my 100-level. But when I got to 300-level, I almost quit because it was now more about writing. But I adjusted and adapted.

However, it was not easy at all and I had to employ two lecturers for a course before my graduation and put in more effort.”

My plan is to achieve my masters and a PhD in five years in America where I reside now to validate my PhD title.

People should not be mentally lazy or believe that once they can feed, clothe and provide shelter for themselves and families; that is the peak of achievement or success.

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