I Have To Reduce Feeding Fee … This Is The Effect Of Overfeeding”– Adeniyi Johnson Say As Seyi Edun Show Off Her Fuji Skills

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Actress Victoria Kolawole shares a video of Seyi Edun performing a song by Ks1 Malaika.

Seyi Edun Mama Twin as often called was seen performing Ks1 Malaika song in a need video while Victoria Kolawole was so there, in the context of meeting her favorite artists for the first time.

Victoria who acted in the scene of meeting her artists for the first time was very excited and she was spraying Seyi Edun with cash while mimicking the Fuji Singer.

She went ahead rolling on the floor for Seyi Edun as she continued to mimic the veteran singer Malaika.

This prompted Adeniyi Johnson to react to the video saying it seemed he would reduce the feeding allowance of his wife Seyi Edun because what she is doing is been caused by over feeding.

She Wrote: When you finally meet your favorite artist 🤣😂😅

Watch The Video Below

Adeniyijohnson Wrote: I have to reduce feeding fee … this is the effect of over feeding 😂.

Ijesha_ibk wroteReport to the diary room @i_am_shai @officialvictoriakolawole with immediate effect 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Vibez_starr wrote: Wetin do my micasa sucasa like this 😂😂on colos on colos on colos.

Tunegee_01 wrote: Laugh wan kill me 😂😂😂😂😂 Ewo aunty Victoria pelu igo trophy lowo 😂

Bello_rafiu_adeniyi wrote@adeniyijohnson it is called genuine happiness a reflection of good & Caring husband…

Ponmoijebu_by_ted wrote: @adeniyijohnson lol🤣🤣🤣🤣 daddy twins edakun no vex sir😂😂😂.

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