“You are long Beautiful” – Nigerian lady with attractive long legs catwalks like super-model, video goes viral

Written by fazazy39

A woman with strikingly long legs gains internet fame as a video of her showcasing supermodel-style catwalking goes viral. after sharing a little video of herself supermodel-style catwalking.

The stunning woman going by the name of Mfoniso Uduak posted the video on social media and said it was an entry for a modeling competition she was taking part in.

Her body which exudes strength and confidence caught the attention of social media users and this apparently impressed them.

She stole breaths as she was cat walking with the confidence and stride which deserved a 5-star runway.

Reactions have trailed the video …

@Mabeljoyhamba said: “Go girl na only you dey audition for GTco. The remain ones wey I dey see since na Gt bank and co.”

@Softgido said: “You are good to go. Akwa Ibom is proud of you.”

@Bridget Lucky said: “Me screaming, go girl go girl. You ate it.”

@Rosewin said: “Yes your smiles is important.”

@Joy james said: “When I saw the beginning pose, mehn I knew it’s finished.”

@siretony said: “Very good but I think I was watching avatar again.”

@Kissly said: “You’ve been chosen my dear. Don’t stress anymore.”

Watch the video below …

@Excelmonie said: “You fine babe, but try to dey smile. You are good to go. Simply the best.”

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