Toyin Lawani and Mariam fights dirty while trying to settle beef

Written by fazazy39

Celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani, also known as Tiannah, engages in a public dispute with her friend Mariam Adeyemi Timmer, involving accusations of gossip and speaking negatively about each other to third parties.

During a recent episode on the Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2, the dup set the roof on fire during a gathering that ended up in throwing hands.

Iyabo Ojo and fellow housewives convene to address the ongoing conflict between Toyin Lawani and Mariam Adeyemi Timmer, focusing on resolving the issues of silent treatment and resolving any lingering animosity.

Mariam aired her grievances, accusing Toyin of condescending treatment, expressing her frustrations to Iyabo, Chioma Goodhair, and anyone willing to listen.

Tiannah, on the other hand, confronted her friend for spilling her secrets to other people and not knowing when to stop.

While the duo stated their peace, the fashion designer dashed at Mariam after she called her a liar and asked her to shut up. She further smashed her phone’s screen while vowing to beat her up.

Other housewives with the help of the camera crew and another hefty man struggled to hold back the duo from beating each other up.

Mariam’s clothes, however, almost fell off during the heated saga even though she didn’t mind in the heat of the fight.

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