“You Can Not Separate Us”– Portable cries out as embassy denies his wife visa to follow him to UK

Written by fazazy39

Popular singer Portable raises alarm, accusing a foreigner of denying his wife a visa to join him in the UK.

Despite the setback, the controversial singer is gearing up for a grand performance at his London show on November 26th.

However, he was pissed off when they refused granting his wife visa so she can make the trip with him.

According to him, he wanted his wife to accompany him so they can have a good time together before his performance, but the embassy had ruined his plans.

He lamented, asking why they would treat his wife that way because he is the one who is a gangster, and they shouldn’t be taking out their beef with him on his wife.

Bemoaning further, he claimed that the embassy are also trying to rip him.

Watch the video below:

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