“Why Is Everybody Joining Apankufor In Beæting Ayoola”– Reaction As Ayoola Olaiya And Apankufor Fight On Movie Set Over This …..(Video)

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actors Ayoola Olaiya and Apankufor have engaged each other while shooting Alakowe part 3 movie.

A video shared on Instagram by Ayoola Olaiya where he was fighting with Apankufor while shooting his movie Alakowe part

Though the cause of there fight is not revealed online, but taking a close look at the video it seems not to be a real fight but just in form of fighting.

Ayoola Olaiya revealed that they on both on the set of his Alakowe part 3 movie that is been directed by Segun Ogungbe and Apankufor.

People were gathered trying to seperate the both of them as they hold each other tight and exchanging blows.

From the comments section they are not fighting they are only playing and dragging each other over a Female colleagues in the same movie set with them

Alakowe 3 #thefinalsaga is coming✍️
Directed by Segun Ogungbe & Apankufor

Watch The Video Below;

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