“Ha Jigan This is Total Shæme On You Totally”– Reaction As Jigan Babaoja And Anty Ramota Video Inside Boxing Ring Fighting Together (Video)

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Nollywood actor Jigan Babaoja participated in a boxing match with Anty Ramota today.

According to the video shared on Anty Ramota’s Instagram page, Anty Ramota and Jigan Babaoja were seen together inside a boxing ring exchange blows together.

The video which got many people laughing because how on earth will someone like Jigan Babaoja be fighting Anty Ramota on a ring with no fears of injuring him with the weight of his blow.

She Wrote: @jiganbabaoja collect wotowoto

Watch The Video Below;

Netizen took to the comments section to show how funny the video was as Anty Ramota was seen throwing blows. See The Reaction Below;

Dorotheacarolinr9 wrote : @eliudsamwel wake up, there is someone going to the ring to fight for his marriage 😂 saw the oppressors interfering 😂.

Mbembelanosya wrote: Brother @elidsamwel come while Farida is tired of being owed debts, she has decided to fight in the ring.

Typicalaramide wroteI no wan talk wetin dey my mouth 😂😂💔💔.

Mama_t_of_warri😂😂😂😂😂 lemme abeg ramota shu 😂.

Thamie_dube wrote: We love you in South Africa 🇿🇦

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